As the Spring/Summer season comes to a close, many of us are looking to refresh our wardrobes. I thought I would turn my Catwalk to High Street post into a series for every season, to guide on-a-budget shoppers like myself to the right direction. I consulted with industry experts (AKA about the top trends for Fall/Winter 2015, and had a look around some of the all-time favourite high street stores to see who’s in touch with this season’s trends. See the verdict below!

Trend #1: Hints of Fur

Looks like head-to-toe (faux, we hope) fur is out this season – but keep that fur coat somewhere safe, we’re sure it’ll make a comeback. Fall/Winter 2015 is looking at bits and pieces of fur added to garments. Fur collars, fur sleeves, or even a fur hemline.

Designers High Street

Trend #2: Interiors

No, that wasn’t a typo. This season has been inspired by interiors. As in tiles, carpets, and those ghastly curtains your grandmother refuses to get rid off. Maybe you can convince her to turn it into a dress and put it to good use!


Trend #3: Duster Coats

Did these ever go out of style? Or do I have an unhealthy obsession with duster coats? Either way, they’ve been spotted all across the runway, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Trend #4: Shine

This is a very vague, yet somewhat exciting trend. It’s just “shine”. That means absolutely anything and everything that “shines” is in this season. From patent leather pieces to sequins, get your shine on.


Trend #5: Velvet

I remember a time when velvet was very in. And then it sort of disappeared and became reminiscent of old-lady clothing. It’s finally made its way back onto the runway, which is great because I really like black velvet, but at the same time I’m not so sure how practical it would be during the wetter months. What are your thoughts on velvet?


Trend #6: Victorian

Spring/Summer 2015 saw the return of 70’s fashion, this season we’re going back a little further – to the Victorian era. I think it would be fun to wear puffy sleeves and exaggerated collars, but once the season’s over what do we do with these pieces? Recycle them for that 2016 Halloween party, perhaps?



Finally, the brand that nailed Catwalk to Highstreet for FW’15 is ZARA, tapping into all 6 major trends! I’ve got some shopping to do.