Gay or Nay? Three Cheers for Marriage Equality

I’ve always been quite vocal about my views on gay marriage. I’ve been in countless arguments with people trying to explain to them that the right to marry is a basic human right, and as such all human beings should be entitled to it. I’ve always been very passionate about this, but never did I expect to see such a massive step forward so soon.

As the whole world knows, gay marriage is now legal in every US state.


People worldwide celebrated the US’s progression. I was overwhelmed by the news. I just kept thinking back at all the stories I’ve heard about couples who wanted to get married, but couldn’t, and wondering what they were feeling at this moment.

It was also a cue for the unoriginal “It’s Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve” comments that erupted shortly after the news broke. A positive that came out of that was that I finally got around to clearing out my Facebook friend list.

Over the years, two main arguments were raised when I would discuss the topic of marriage equality with people.

1. The point of marriage is to make babies

This one is the worst. I can’t believe that now, in 2015, do people still think that the sole purpose of marriage is to “make babies”. This whole time I thought it was about love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone. So how do you base your decision on who you want to marry then? Do you ask for the family photo album to check out what kind of genes he/she is carrying? And what if there was a heterosexual couple who are unable to conceive, do we revoke their right to marry too?

2. It’s against my beliefs

Exactly, these are your beliefs. Why are you trying to force them upon others? Most people argue that marriage between two people of the same sex is against their religion. My question is: if people are so attached to their religious beliefs, shouldn’t they also believe that God is the only one who can judge people?

Get over it. Live and let live, people.


I am extremely happy for all those who can finally make an official commitment to one another, and show their love for each other through marriage. Congratulations!