Does Social Media Rule Your Life?

If you’re involved in the online scene, there’s a huge chance that it’s started to take over your life. I personally have become a slave to social media. You might not notice it at first, but if you pay a little attention to the things you do on a daily basis, you’ll see just how true it is.

Don’t Touch the Food

Do your friends stare at you with a frustrated starving look when you’re at a restaurant? Do they start fidgeting with cutlery as you position plates to sit perfectly in your picture frame? Have you yelled “don’t touch the food” and jumped up with your phone, aiming it at the dishes? If you’ve answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, you can blame it on social media.

Travel Pictures

While most people start daydreaming about gorgeous beaches and exotic foods they’ll experience on their next holiday, us social media addicts are busy thinking about the amazing travel pictures we’ll be posting. Legs on the beach, fresh coconuts with the sea in the background, outfit posts next to beautiful scenery. Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of social media obsession.

Shopping for Instagram


Slowly but surely, while shopping you’ll find yourself thinking about how great the outfit will look when you post it on Instagram. You start calculating how many different ways you can wear the piece, and even start coming up with the caption to go with the image. You’re not alone, I do this too. The internet is ruling our lives!

Review Madness


You know you’re social media mad when everything turns into a review opportunity. Every hotel, restaurant, pub and pastry store become subjects to be reviewed. You start snapping tons of pictures of everything and jotting down notes about the interior and lighting.

Coffee and Nails

coffee nails

When you’re overly excited to get your nails done or to pick up a cup of Starbucks, you know you’re a social media slave like I am. After all, every manicure leads to a new post. Pair that with a trendy Starbucks cup and you’re all set for the day, right?


Don’t feel embarrassed about this, it’s perfectly normal. Times are changing and our lives are basically online. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to document your days and share them with your followers. Take it with a light heart, laugh at all the insane things we do for social media and keep posting!