Stand Up for Mirror Lenses

I read somewhere that 2015 will bring about the end of the mirror lens sunglasses trend. While I can’t wait to see some trends bite the dust, there is no way I’m letting go of mirror lenses.


Good for Creeping

If you enjoy people watching like I do, you’ll appreciate mirror lens sunglasses. No one can see where you’re looking, so you can people watch all you want without looking like a total crazy. Also very useful when there’s a hottie around that you’d like to stare at for hours.


Discreetly Check Yourself

Mirror lens sunglasses need to be a group effort. When you have friends who rock this trend too, you all get instant access to a mirror. No more will you have to try and hide that knife while you position it at the perfect angle to check your teeth. All you need to do is lean in like you’re about to tell your friend your biggest, dirtiest secret, and check yourself in their shades.

teeth check

Makes Pictures Look Cooler

It’s a fact that no one can deny. Taking pictures with mirror lens sunglasses just makes the picture look ten times as cool. I have nothing more to say to defend this point.


So no, trend watchers, I refuse to let go of this god-sent accessory.