Have They Found Neverland Yet?

Every birthday after my 22nd has come like an annual horror story. When I was a teenager, growing one year older was the most exciting part of my life. It was like I was getting closer and closer to the prize. Little did I know that there was no prize at the end of all those birthday cakes. Instead I deal with avoiding workplace birthday celebrations and having two birthday cakes a year (one to share with my friends, and one to eat alone in my room as I wonder where I’m going in life).


Every time “Forever Young” comes up on my playlist, I sing it like it’s the theme song to my life. I have become obsessed with not growing up, and I’ve discovered along the way that I’m not the only one.

Why are we so afraid of growing up?

Because All I Wanna Do Is Party & Bullshit…

It is a preconceived notion that the older you grow, the less fun you can have. Every year is a countdown to a time where you can’t spend all summer on a beach, day to night, partying away like it’s no one’s business. You start to make impossible travel plans and book tickets to every rave you can find before your time is up. Bring on the pink hair and body paint friends, we may never be able to do this again!


This one is a no-brainer. With age comes responsibility. Suddenly you’re not a student anymore, and you’re working 9 to 10 hours a day trying to make your own money. You can’t skip work like it’s class because you’re not the only one affected by your absence anymore. You can’t go crying to your parents for help because, well, your ass is grown now.


I’ll Never Be Successful

In an age where we’re seeing so many entrepreneurs skyrocket and come up with things we could have only dreamed of, you start to feel a little useless. You fear that since you haven’t come up with a brilliant idea yet, you may never reach their level of success. The older you get, the closer you are to failing at something you haven’t even started.

You Should Probably Settle Down

Finally, this is the one that affects women the most. People start to ask you when you’re going to settle down. Well, people, I should probably meet someone and have dinner with them first before we get to that stage, don’t you think?


The truth is, we’re only as old as we want to be. We shouldn’t get caught up in this whole “growing older” crap. You can still party it up in Ibiza 10 years from now and enjoy Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s set at Tomorrowland. Yes you have responsibilities, but it doesn’t have to take over your whole life. Most successful entrepreneurs went through a massive trial and error period, and didn’t make it until later in life. And who the hell cares if you’re still single, it just means more cake for you that you don’t have to share!