Hair Crimpers, Be Gone!

There are some trends from the past that I’m happy to see making a comeback. I was far too young to sport a crop top when Britney Spears’ “Crazy” came out (and some might argue that I’m far too old to do so now) but I love that it’s back. Flared jeans were my wardrobe staple back in the day, and I don’t mind reliving those fashion memories. There is one trend, though, that constantly tries to creep its way back. It hasn’t been majorly successful in doing so, but I fear 2015 may be its year. Behold the horrible crimped hair trend.

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I have to admit that I did think crimped hair was cool at one point in my life. Luckily I could never find a decent hair crimper, and so don’t have any embarrassing pictures that could now be used against me. Tyra Banks went through an obvious moment of insanity when she tried to bring it back in 2004, and then again in 2011.

Model Tyra Banks arrives on red carpet for Vibe Awards in Santa Monica Tyra Banks Celebrates "Vogue Italia" On "The Tyra Banks Show"
The fashion world has been consistently shoving this horrendous trend down our throats season after season.

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It’s only until this year, 2015, that I have actually seen people on the streets rocking the “I just got casually electrocuted” hair trend. I got a sinking feeling in my gut when I realised that crimped hair may have finally made it into the spotlight.

This is a call to everyone who, like me, thinks this hair trend should be a crime. Start a “Say no to hair crimpers” campaign, have a bonfire, or chase people with crimped hair down the streets with a water bottle in hand. We must stop the madness!