Catwalk to High Street: Who Does It Best?

Spring/Summer 2015 fashion hit the runways last September, but they haven’t hit the high street stores until now. While it would be a dream to have the runway looks transported into our wardrobes, it’s not always possible for most of us.

This is no longer a problem though as high street stores are getting better and better at adapting runway trends into their clothing. Let’s take a look at some of the SS15 trends adapted in popular high street stores and see who does it best.

Trend #1: Taking it to the 70s

This season designers have really tapped into the 70s boho look. Unleash your inner hippy with some of these pieces.


high street



Trend #2: Denim

I’m starting to get a little bit iffy about calling denim a trend. Did it ever really go out of style? I guess for this season there’s a bigger emphasis on denim everything. From pants to shirts, to skirts and dresses, it’s all about the denim.

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Trend #3: Fringes & Tassles

They were in, then they were tacky, then they were back in, then they were old fashioned. Well this season they’re in again, so you can dust off your old pieces (or if you fell into the “tacky trap” and threw them away, go out and buy these).

designers high street

Trend #4: Leafy Florals

Surprise, surprise. Florals are in this Spring/Summer. There is a little bit of a variation this year though, designers seem to be preferring more leafy, abstract florals rather than the Little House on the Praire style floral (which I stubbornly resist every time it makes a comeback).

designers high street

Trend #5: Leather

Leather isn’t just for winter and 80s rock stars anymore, it’s a Spring/Summer thing now. Of course, I’m not talking about thick leather pants. This season we’re looking at light summer leathers in tops, skirts and pants.

designers high street

Trend #6: Pinstripes

I think I literally jumped for joy at the sight of pinstripes. Working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week makes my daily outfits slightly restricted. I don’t need to be completely suited out, but I do need to look somewhat professional. Pinstripes making an appearance on the runway means that my bordering-boring office gear will now look oh-so trendy!

designers high street

Trend #7: Sheer, Patterned White

Another “yay” moment for me. I’m in love with white lace, white knitted tops, sheer white tops with embroidery, the list is endless. This beach-y look is back just in time for my summer plans (which will obviously feature a lot of white outfits).

designers high street

Trend #8: Suede

Not a typo. Just like leather, suede has decided to venture into our Spring/Summer wardrobe. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about this in Kuwait’s scorching heat…

designers high street

Trend #9: Tunic Tops

Go long or go home. Tunic tops are back (or have they never left?). In any case, it’s all about long tops this season. Bad news for all the little 5-footers like me who refer to tunic tops as “dresses”.

designers high street

Judging by this roundup, the winner of catwalk to high street is a tie between:

H&M and Miss Selfridge, who have adapted 7 out of 9 trends each.

Race you to the Avenues stores!


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