Social Media Is Hurting My Bank Account

When planning an outfit, I like to look at pictures of stylish bloggers/influencers online. I don’t imitate what they have on, but sometimes I’ll see a colour theme or fabric combination I like, which I can then adapt to my own style.

On my hunt for inspiration, I’ve noticed that most of these style icons carry a new bag every other day, or are strutting in a new pair of Louboutins every week. For a few months I got caught up in this whirlwind of NEW NEW NEW.


I went on insane shopping sprees, buying unnecessary luxury items for the sake of my outfit posts. I was on my way to digging myself into an endless hole of debt when reality finally smacked me in the face: having style isn’t always about having new things.

Fact #1

While this is not necessarily applicable to all online bloggers/influencers, the truth is that they haven’t bought all of the things they post. A lot of times they’re given these items as gifts, or are allowed to borrow these items from brands due to their wide reach.

photo 2

So while we’re out shopping like the world is coming to an end, the people we’re trying to keep up with have their credit cards on lock-down.

Fact #2

It’s true that your followers don’t want to see pictures of the same thing over and over again. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear new items every single day. The true talent in styling is to know how to recycle your existing items into several, completely different outfits. Master this, and you’ll save yourself a few pennies (not to mention closet space!).

photo 3

Fact #3

Having style and looking good in an outfit does not depend on the brands you are wearing. That’s right, I’m saying that you can look just as good in American Eagle jeans and a cute blazer from H&M. Don’t get me wrong, I love luxury items (I’m a sucker for bags and shoes). But we don’t need to go overboard on the spending to look good. Pick your pieces carefully and you’ll find that you can look like a million dollars for only 100!

photo 4

No more will I give in to the social media pressure of donning a new Chanel purse with every post. I have accepted the fact that I can only afford a new bag once a year (because I’ll probably be buying shoes every 4 months). I’m putting my credit card down and stepping away from the cash register. My 2015 mantra? Recycle your wardrobe!


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  1. What an amazing idea for a post! You relaly captured what makes an outfit truly spectacular. I’ve been relaly focusing on adding the small details to my outfits and it has truly expanded my closet. I feel like I have so many more options and I’ve been able to be more creative. Love it!

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