Hair Therapy

When I first saw Kim Kardashian’s new ‘do on Instagram I thought, “What the hell is Lucius Malfoy doing at the Balmain show?”

kim k vs lucious

After a closer look, my second thought was, “Poor Kim, I wonder what she’s going through. Perhaps Kimye are going through a rough patch. Or maybe North swallowed Kim’s diamond earring and it hasn’t shown up yet. Poopy patrol can be a bitch”.

This is because hair can replace therapy. Two majorly unfortunate events in my life were followed by changes to my hair. The first time I chopped off my locks, which went all the way down my back, into the then stylish Rihanna bob.

rihanna bob

The second time, I decided to ditch my naturally dark Middle Eastern tresses for a more beach babe honey colour (because if I can’t be on the beach 24/7, I’d like to look it at least). Heck, even Britney shaved her head off during her insane flip-out.


Drastic changes to my hair are an indication that something has gone horribly wrong.

But why do we turn to our hair? Is it because we want to feel like someone different, to have a fresh start? Is it because our hair starts to feel like a literal weight on our shoulders? Or is it because we take comfort in knowing that it’s as temporary as we want to be because, well, hair grows? Maybe it’s because we know that our hair is something we can control ourselves, and that it won’t just decide to leave you without notice (and if it does, you should reconsider the shampoo you’ve been using).

Whatever it is that makes hair our personal therapist, I’m glad it’s there for us during our time of need. It sure beats plastic surgery…